MK-2866 vs MK-677 Comparison and Breakdown

  • calender Apr 03, 2018
  • author by Richard
MK-2866 vs MK-677 Comparison and Breakdown

MK-2866 are MK-677 are known supplements from the SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) family. So, which one functions better for the typical fitness user? The answer will come down to one’s fitness goal.


MK-2866 is a supplement under the SARM family. It was created by GTx, a pharmaceutical firm, made to initially treat individuals suffering from muscle wasting. It was later used for curing specific medical conditions including muscle atrophy (a condition of complete muscle wasting of a certain body part), sarcopenia, and cachexia. It’s also being utilized as a primary alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

This particular SARM is capable of retaining and increasing lean body mass. The supplement is frequently mistaken as the S1. While the S1 was manufactured sometime before MK-2866, it’s no longer being mass-produced by the company that made it.

MK-2866 Benefits

The supplement is considered to be completely safe for human use. It offers a subtle yet consistent muscle gains in terms of strength and size. Anyone can easily gain around 5 to 10 pounds of muscle over a span of several weeks with the supplement. The essential aspect here is that the gain one receives are long-lasting and will remain with that person for the most part.

Essentially, the benefits of utilizing this drug includes:

  • Improved overall strength.
  • Anabolic capabilities at low doses (3mg).
  • Enhanced lean mass muscle gains.
  • Improved endurance.
  • Faster joint healing.

MK-2866 is made to improve an increase in lean muscle mass gain. With this drug, one is expected to have noticeable lean mass gains. One will see significant improvement in terms of strength, endurance, and the feeling of being “active.” Those suffering from long-term joint pain will benefit from the supplement thanks to its healing ability. It also helps promote weight loss.

The compound is perfect for those looking to bulk up or to recomp.


MK-677 is a supplement manufactured by Reverse Pharmacology, a pharmaceutical firm. It’s a GH (Growth Hormone) secretagogue that can be safely ingested orally. The primary function of the compound is to trigger the pituitary gland to release GH in the body.

Originally, the supplement was made to address medical conditions such as muscle wasting, obesity, and osteoporosis. But the medical community and fitness buffs have realized it has the ability to increase lean body mass and improve IGF-1 serum levels during human clinical trials.

With its ability to preserve and increase lean muscle mass, bodybuilders began utilizing MK-677 as a means of improving their overall workout performance.

MK-677 Benefits

Aside from the fact that it can dramatically change one’s IGF-1 and GH levels, the known primary benefits of taking this supplement during a cycle includes:

  • Improved ligaments, bone, and tendon healing.
  • Quick recovery from old (and repairable) injuries.
  • Tighten loose skin after weight loss.
  • Building and preservation of muscle gains and size.
  • Increased fat oxidation.

MK-677 is a great solution if one is in need of gaining more muscles, increasing energy, improving bone density, and enhancing physical endurance. If one is currently in the bodybuilding industry, or an athlete preparing for a sporting event, or an obese individual looking to shed weight, this supplement does a great job in cutting or minimizing one’s caloric intake while increasing muscle mass.

The compound can aid in burning body fats while preserving those muscles that one worked so hard to build. It’s recommended to have if one is currently on a low caloric deficit. What’s interesting with MK-677 is its ability in improving one’s overall health.  In the end, the benefits offered with this supplement is well worth the risk.

Worthy Supplements

Both of these supplements offer a lot of health benefits for the fitness user. For those looking to recover quickly from injuries and/or want to improve bone density while preserving muscle size and gains, then MK-677 is the SARM to go for. But if one wants to settle for a supplement capable of increased strength and overall well-being, then MK-2866 is a must-have to cycle for several weeks.

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