Ligandrol vs. Ostarine

  • calender Apr 24, 2018
  • author by Richard
Ligandrol vs. Ostarine

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) selectively attach themselves to an androgen receptor and triggering anabolic activity. The specific selection of their binding process lets users make the most of their anabolic benefits without experiencing adverse effects seen in traditional steroids.

SARMs are the perfect option for first-time users of anabolics or those seeking anabolic drugs that are safe for the human body.

Currently, Ligandrol and Ostarine are the two most known SARMs available in the market. In terms of popularity, Ostarine has the slight edge. The main reason for this is due to Ostarine hitting the market years before the Ligandrol was officially introduced.


Ligandrol and Ostarine are non-steroidal products that have shown minimal side effects to the human body. They appear to directly attach themselves to androgen receptors in both bones and muscles. They have no direct influence on one’s heart, prostate, or sex organs like one would often experience in traditional steroids.

In several clinical trials, both supplements are capable of delivering anabolic effects at recommended doses. These make them ideal in meeting fitness goals.

Ligandrol Benefits

Ligandrol is powerful for building muscle mass. In fact, it may just be the best mass-building product in the SARM family. Its anabolic-to-androgen ratio comes at an impressive 10:1. This is more than enough in dictating the drug’s capability. It can create steroid-like gains with little or no side effects. A majority of users have yet to experience any adverse effects from the drug.

One may experience suppressed natural testosterone production, but a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) over a 4 to 5-week period should help one get back to business swiftly.

Ligandrol Research

A typical user of Ligandol should’ve already gone through a few cycles of SARMs or anabolic. In an ideal world, the user should have more experience with SARMs previously.  They’re the ones who have gone through intense workouts the past few years, have hit their genetic peak, and intends to pick more muscles within the 8 to 12-week period.

Users shouldn’t mind the temporary testosterone suppression when taking Ligandrol. Take note that first-time users of the drug or those who have yet to take any SARM should avoid this compound. Ligandrol is too potent for users looking to build immense muscle mass for the first time. One would be better off taking Ostarine firsthand before shifting to Ligandrol.

Nevertheless, Ligandrol is an excellent muscle mass builder for those seeking to add considerable size and strength over a bulk cycle without worrying about any adverse effects.

Ostarine Benefits

Ostarine can be utilized for varying fitness goals. It can improve overall physique and boost physical performance. However, one area where the supplement shines best is during the cutting phase. Since it’s anabolic by nature, it can offset any form of catabolism when one undergoes a low caloric deficit.

Ostarine is capable of preserving strength and muscle mass. It does an excellent job in melting off body fat. The supplement offers the exact same effects as traditional steroids minus the side effects.

Which is Better?

SARMs operate differently on the androgen receptors due to their selective approach. At the same time, SARMs vary from each other on how they target and operate within the human body. Hence, it’s essential for one to know how each SARM works and what their primary intentions are.

The SARM that one will utilize will largely depend on one’s fitness goals. If one intends to put on lean muscle or do a recomp, then Ligandrol is the best SARM to go for. The is because the supplement is potent and allows one to put on significant muscle mass in as little as several weeks.

Meanwhile, Ostarine is a fantastic option for cutting. It may not be as potent to Ligandrol, but it curbs catabolism in the human body when one undergoes a caloric deficit. The supplement does a far better job in a cutting phase than Ligandrol.

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