Is Ostalean Legit?

  • calender Apr 24, 2018
  • author by Richard
Is Ostalean Legit?

Ostalean is a supplement belong under the SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). Its effects are very much similar to that of anabolic steroids. While its chemical structure is strikingly similar to AAC (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids), it lacks the side effects that traditional steroids has on the body.

Ostalean is a SARM that contains MK-2866 (another SARM compound) that’s versatile in nature. Users will be thrilled to know that the supplement plays out well in both bulking and cutting cycles. While a majority of steroids prevent female users from utilizing them, this drug can be taken by both male and female users without problems.


The fact that this supplement has stopped production means it can no longer be bought from its manufacturer, EPG (Enhanced Products Group). The company is no longer making SARMs since they’ve ventured into other traditional dietary supplements. There have been rumors of other companies that tried replicating Ostalean and ended up not being successful. So far, these rumors have yet to be proven.


While a majority of traditional steroids cater to a certain audience, anyone can make full use of SARMs in the market including Ostalean. Experienced and first-time users can utilize this product since it offers numerous benefits.

Ostalean is considered to be a non-methylated compound. That means the beneficial effects of the supplement can be amplified by stacking it with other supplements. Both male and female users won’t have much issue utilizing the SARM. As long as one adheres to the recommended dosage, everything will be fine.

Cycle and Intake

Just like that of steroids and SARMs, Ostalean should be cycled properly. It’s not a typical supplement that one can take right after each meal. The drug should be taken for a cycle period of four to eight weeks. It should then be followed with at least eight weeks of not consuming the supplement. However, one can use the off-period for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

For first-time SARM users, it’s advised to take in two Ostalean capsules of it daily for four to eight weeks.

Experienced users can up the notch by taking a maximum of three capsules daily. Or they can keep within the recommended dose of two capsules daily. Experienced users have the option to stack the drug with other anabolic supplements.

Female users can consume at least one capsule daily for an eight-week period.


Ostalean has a half-life of 24 hours. That means one won’t have to divide the maximum dosage just to see and feel its positive effects.

Side Effects

The drug is known for muscle gain. Many users have reported an increase amount of muscle in their physique over the course of a couple weeks. Obviously, this can only be made possible when one adheres to the recommended dietary regimen and workout plan.

Another upside with the supplements is its ability to increase muscle strength. It does an incredible job melting off body fat.

Some sers have experienced minor side effects with the drug. These include acne breakouts, nausea, or mild headaches.

Supplement Support

If users adhere to a minimum dosage of two capsules daily, then cycle support supplements isn’t necessary. It’s entirely up to the user as to whether or not cycle support supplements are needed.

Similar to anabolic steroids, one should never stray from the recommended dosage. Even with a lowered risk of side effects, it’s important to prevent over dosage.


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