Ibutamoren: Before and After Results

  • calender Apr 24, 2018
  • author by Richard
Ibutamoren: Before and After Results

Ibutamoren is one of the most known supplements found online today. The drug is an ideal option for bodybuilders and plays a beneficial role in cognitive health. It’s one of many reasons people label it as a “wonder drug” or a supplement having that “fountain of youth” effect

HGH Alternative

Ibutamoren happens to one of the best HGH (Human Growth Hormone) alternative in today’s market. It’s potent and has a significant influence in the metabolic process of the body. The drug has the ability to increase one’s bone density and muscle strength.  It also has the ability in improving a person’s cognitive ability.

Legal Use

Since this drug is completely legal to use, it can be purchased openly in the market. A number of online vendors and pharmaceutical companies are constantly promoting this supplement as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). Since SARMs are very popular in the fitness world, bodybuilders have made full use of this product.

Recommended Dosage

Ibutamoren should be taken at around 25mg daily. This is the optimal amount that one should to attain its full benefits. Since the supplement is mostly available in solid powder, the 25mg dosage can be divided throughout the day. Taking the drug daily is never a problem since its half-life is typically around 24 hours.

Many users recommend taking the drug prior to bedtime since it’s known to promote sleep. The cycle duration will largely depend on the user. There have been users who have utilized the supplement for more than a year without gong through any side effects. But for those who don’t want to risk going that far, they can take a safer approach by cycling Ibutamoren for twelve weeks.


Ibutamoren is capable of increasing GH levels in the body. It does a great job in minimizing somatostatin secretion, which temporarily aids in the secretion of GH. Based on several studies, the drug directly activates the brain where metabolic processes are vulnerable. It then signals the brain to encourage the growth of muscles. In turn, more muscle cells are produced by the body.

When one takes Ibutamoren, they’ll notice skin tightness and a healthy glow. Skin complexion is significantly improved. The longer that one uses the supplement, the more consistent the results will be.

At the same time, one will also expect serious muscle growth. Paired with a healthy diet and a routine workout plan, one will observe firmer muscles as well as improved well-built body. Take note, that every person is different, so careful observation in terms of intake and duration is needed.

While HGH is a traditional drug given to patients suffering from growth conditions or taken as a drug for bodybuilders, Ibutamoren is a far safer option that can help one go a long way.

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