How Does S4 Work?

  • calender Mar 04, 2018
  • author by Richard
How Does S4 Work?

S4 is one of the most widely known SARMs in today’s market. Otherwise known as Andarine, the supplement was made by Kaken Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese-based firm, in treating osteoporosis. These days, SARMs is available in varying versions. But one of its strongest products can be found in S4. The ability of this drug has garnered a strong following since its public discovery.

In the world of bodybuilding, S4 is a preferred option in acquiring optimal results. While it’s completely banned in bodybuilding competitions (as a result of being falsely blamed as a drug related to steroids), the supplement is known for its additional visual physique.

Mode of Action

The number of inquiries regarding’s S4’s function has been hotly debated over the years. Basically, the supplement attaches itself to the androgen receptors of the muscles and bones. It’s not a great product for adding muscle weight, but it’s excellent in burning body fats. It’s helpful in fat loss since it’s highly androgenic and not as anabolic compared to other SARMs.

The oxidation of fat happens whenever androgenic hormones or an SARM makes an attachment to the androgen receptors within the fat or adipose tissue.

S4 does an exceptional job in the area of strength and in the building of bone mass. It functions selectively and doesn’t show any negative prostate effects. This SARM has a weakness in building muscle tissue. Although at higher doses, it’s capable of building hard, lean muscle tissues. The result is very much comparable to that of steroids — without the uncomfortable androgenic side effects.


Recent evidence has shown that results from an SARM stack added to the S4 is strikingly similar to a stack seen in both Winstrol and testosterone. This further proves how SARMs can’t be steroids since they’re not as androgenic and as anabolic. Although the results exhibited is very much like an individual who took steroids.

In addition, S4 can be used as a standalone product with a great physical outcome. If one is need of acquiring a lean and muscular body, then this supplement is great at oxidizing fat. It also prevents the body from becoming catabolic as one takes on a low-caloric diet.

The drug guarantees a hard, dry lean appearance while enhancing vascularity. It offers improved vigor an endurance even when an individual has low calories. A brand like S4 taken in higher doses can reward one’s body with strong and hard muscles. For more enhanced definition, it can be mixed with other SARMs or can be utilized on its own.

Recommended Doses and Cycles

At present, it appears that the S4 has a half life of four hours. Its recommended daily dose is around 50mg to 70mg. A dose of 100mg can be tolerated although it’s ideal to start off small and increasing it gradually to prevent any side effects. Depending on one’s tolerance, the S4 can be take two to three times in a single day. The S4 can be cycled for around eight weeks. Keep in mind that it’s not hepatoxic compared to steroids (or drugs similar to steroids). That means users who are scared for their liver won’t have to worry about a thing.

When it comes to cycling, it’s advisable to get a feel for the process after taking 50mg of the drug. Double check and see if there are any visual-related side effects or any feeling of discomfort. If everything is fine, then one can take a threshold of up to 70mg. Otherwise, one will resort to going back under 50mg.

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