Benefits and Side-Effects of S9009

  • calender Mar 08, 2018
  • author by Richard
Benefits and Side-Effects of S9009

SR9009, otherwise known as Stenabolic, is an experimental drug made for studying the circadian rhythm. This drug is known for increasing endurance, minimizing cholesterol levels, decreasing anxiety, promoting weight loss, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, these effects have only been officially observed in mice experiments.

If these effects are replicated to human users, it would have a positive influence in the human body thereby improving overall health. While the supplement is currently available over the internet, it has yet to receive clinical testing in humans.

Long-Term Benefits

SR9009 offers users a number of benefits. For instance:

It aids in weight loss.

In experimental studies, mice that were given the drug for one straight week lost weight as a result of fat loss. Intake of food never interfered with the results. In a similar manner, mice that were diet-induced and injected with SR9009 for one month saw a 60% weight drop compared to those that were not given the drug.

Free fatty acids, cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin levels dramatically decreased.

In mice that were genetically obese, the supplement hindered weight gain after 12 days of consecutive use. Insulin tolerance and glucose levels weren’t affected.

It reduces blood cholesterol levels.

When the drug was given to mice for 10 days, there was a noticeable decrease in overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Mice that were given a high cholesterol diet were injected with SR9009 for 8 straight weeks. In the end, overall triglyceride and cholesterol levels were lowered by a huge margin.

While there was a reported decrease in LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol levels in mice were unaffected.

It enhances overall endurance.

Mice that were injected with the drug for one month showcased an increase in endurance. They were able to run for longer periods and covered more distance ground than mice subjects not given the supplement.  The SR9009 enhanced the overall number of active mitochondria within the muscles.

It minimizes inflammation.

The drug was able to minimize inflammation of the lungs in lab rats. Aside from that, it did a remarkable job in hindering the production of inflammatory molecules.

It may curb arteries from solidifying.

Mice that were modified with artery-hardening vulnerabilities were injected with the drug for 7 straight weeks. After careful observations, there was a significant reduction in blood vessel lesions. There was zero influence in body weight, food intake, and blood fat levels.

It decreases risk of heart disease.

In an experiment involving genetically-altered and normal mice, both groups were injected with SR9009 for a period of 28 days. In mice with altered heart growth, the drug was given for two straight weeks. Overall results led to minimized weight and size of the heart. There was no direct alteration in blood pressure.

It may preserve and increase wakefulness.

Being that primary activator of REV-ERB, the drug is capable of altering sleep/wake patterns in mice subjects. Unfortunately, its effects are short term, with a duration limited only to half a day.

Mice injected with the SR9009 were seen to be more active during sleep hours and encountered less deep sleep. But when the drug was injected on the period where they’re most active, it showed no effect or whatsoever.

SR9009 is capable of preserving alertness even when there’s a need for sleep in working shifts, jet lag, and other sleep-related disorders.

It may minimize anxiety.

When then the drug was given to mice twice daily for up to 10 days, it significantly lowered their anxiety levels. It functioned just as effectively as that of benzodiazepine.

It curbs tissue damage.

SR9009 has the ability to minimize damage to tissues in mice with liver scarring. Treatment was given for a period of 2 straight weeks.

Known Side Effects and Modern Use

There are no clinically-documented side effects of SR9009 at this point in time. So far, the drug has no indication of triggering liver toxicity when used for several weeks. Only a few human users have reported of insomnia as a result of taking the drug.

SR9009 is just one of many miracle drugs in modern pharmacology that provides numerous health benefits. What’s more, it rarely triggers any side effects. Not only can is it useful for medical use, it also the potential in enhancing one’s physical performance.

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