Benefits & Side Effects of S4

  • calender Mar 04, 2018
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Benefits & Side Effects of S4

S4 is a drug belonging to the SARM family. When taken properly, it can lead to a significant increase in lean muscle mass, increase in strength, and fat loss. It’s a non-steroidal supplement offering tissue-selective anabolic effects for both muscles and bones. At the same time, it spares androgenic effects that are typically seen AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids).

S4 greatly enhances one’s ability in burning off fat. It won’t lead to bloating since it curbs itself from converting to progesterone or estrogen. Its ample size production is relatively dry. Essentially, it’s a supplement that guarantees a bloat-free and lean weight increase. This aids in having that “ripped” body while carving added details to one’s body.

S4 functions similar to DHT derivative steroids. It offers the same benefits one would expect from known drugs such as Winstrol or Masteron. The only difference is, one isn’t subjected to its adverse effects. That would mean less or no chances of hair loss, acne, excess body hair growth, and virilization (in women) and etc…

Doses and Known Side Effects

While certain body re-composition and fatty loss are evident from taking a 25mg per day dose, actual results can be observed if one amps up the dosage to 50mg per day.

A dose that’s widely used in a number of studies or observed inn anecdotal reports by both users and researchers is within the 50mg to 100mg per-=day range. Maximum benefits can be seen in this area with minimal to zero side effects.

Such range won’t have concrete recommended doses since there are certain users vulnerable to a specific side effect seen at doses higher than 50mg.

This side effect happens in the eyes. This particular effect is what’s uniquely different with the drug that no other SARMs can exhibit.  There’s a tendency for the S4 to attach itself on the ocular receptors of the eyes. The temporary condition would often lead to yellow tinting of the eyes and possible problems in adjusting to a well-lit area from a dark environment.  It’s often notable during evenings.

While this instance may appear to be disturbing, it’s only a temporary condition that can be curved by lowering one’s dose slowly until the side effect has completely subsided. Or one can discontinue drug intake to prevent further discomfort.

One difficult aspect of experimenting with S4 is landing the proper maximum dosage without going through any vision-related side effects since lower dosages won’t offer much size.

But when a user’s research does inch close to around 70mg-80mg daily (with 100mg being the highest dose possible), then expect a dramatic increase in lean muscle mass.


The half-life of S4 is relatively short. So it may entail one to divide research to two recommended doses. First intake should be done in the morning while the second half should be made in the evening.

It’s advisable to start with the supplement at an assessed dosage of 25mg daily. Scaling to higher doses should be done slowly and with careful observation. After one senses the response to the 25mg/daily dose for a couple or so weeks, one can bump up the threshold to 50mg. It’s important to observe for any side effects.

Duration of Cycle

In terms of cycle duration, noticeable benefits of the drug can be seen all throughout the life cycle. This can extend by as much as several months. The slow dosage increase is important in curbing side effects. It’s what makes the S4 advisable for extending cycles to as long as 12 weeks or so.

One might experience a slight dip in testosterone suppression after hitting the 4-week mark. So it’s highly recommended to have another supplement like Arimi-RX PCT available along with an SARM(s) daily to curb any suppression symptoms.

One will also require the same Arimi-RX PCT (or a supplement offering the same effects like it), after a cycle research by taking three pills of it daily for another four weeks. The purpose is to raise one’s estrogen and testosterone levels back to a balance state quickly to help maintain strength and lean mass gains.

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